Real Estate

TEE Group has an established track record in delivering quality and well-designed residential property developments (“Real Estate business”) via a majority owned listed subsidiary, TEE Land Limited
(“TEE Land”). TEE Land, is a regional real estate developer with property development projects pre-dominantly freehold in tenure, and are targeted at middle-to-high income consumers who value
exclusivity in good locations.

Leveraging on its experience and expertise in property development in Singapore, TEE Land has also extended its geographical reach to Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. By incorporating core expertise and past experience from TEE Group’s Engineering business, TEE Land brings better value property development to its customers via more effective project management system that translates to good and timely execution of projects in all the developments.

TEE Land’s strategic focus is to increase its exposure in residential, commercial and industrial development projects, while concurrently expanding its income generating portfolio of properties. Some of the more notable recent developments for FY2015 include the acquisition of an existing 4-star boutique Diamant Hotel, now rebranded as the Larmont Hotel, in Sydney and the Thistle Guest House in Christchurch,
New Zealand.

For more information on TEE Land, visit WWW.TEELAND.COM.SG