Human Capital

Organisation Environment & Culture

We believe our success today is built upon a cohesive work environment and a culture that is committed to developing human capital. The basis of a cohesive environment starts with upholding fair employment practices across TEE Group.

Aligning our People towards business performance, productivity

Continual development and aligning our people towards performance, productivity is key in building the foundation for our business success. We adopt a comprehensive approach in making consistent operational reviews, ongoing workforce training and adopting best practices.

Talent Management & Succession Planning

To lay the foundations for long-term growth, it is critical that leadership renewal and succession planning are built into the development of human capital as a whole. This involves defining key leadership positions and requirements, identifying high-potential candidates, assessing each candidate’s readiness for new leadership roles and providing training & development.

Engaging our People

Communication, is an essential activity of conveying information and exchanging of ideas. Staff interactions are constantly encouraged and enhanced for effective two-way communication between management and staff, as well as to build a conducive working environment.

Benefits & Wellness for our People

The well-being of the employees and emphasis on healthy lifestyle and work-life harmony is underpinned by team spirit, physical health and energy of each individual. With happier and healthier employees, the Company believe that productivity will increase eventually, improving the business profits.