Life at TEE

  • Edwin NeoExecutive Director, Group Chief Executive’s Office
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    When I joined TEE, the company was at an exciting stage of growth.  Its nascent Infrastructure pillar has just started to grow and I was fortunate to be involved in that phase.  In that regard, I had the opportunity to travel widely to countries like Abu Dhabi and even to remote islands in the Philippines where we examined interesting infrastructure deals.  Through that, I got to engage with top level executives from other countries which broadened my experience even further.

    Within TEE, we have a strong spirit of camaraderie, and working together with your fellow colleagues on deals is part and parcel of daily work life.  I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of support showed by my colleagues when I first joined and that helped me greatly to settle in quickly.  The work environment in TEE is also fast-paced and dynamic and you can be rest assured that there is always something different to keep you challenged when you arrive at work.

    Reflecting on my time in TEE, I have no regrets.  No doubt there will be days when 24 hours seem inadequate, and deadlines seem to overwhelm you.  But at the end of the day, the projects you drive will have a direct and meaningful impact on the company, and that sense of responsibility will keep you energised and going!

  • Fanny ChengAssistant General Manager, Property Development, TEE Land Limited
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    I have now been with TEE Group for ten years, and I have experienced a lot and grown immeasurably thanks to the opportunities TEE Group has offered. When I first joined TEE, there was a lot to learn as the company was rapidly expanding into the region, and at the same time, moving into a new business segment. However, I quickly learned the ropes of the Engineering business when I was part of its business development unit. This has helped me to advance in my skills and knowledge and I was subsequently given an opportunity to hold a new role in the growing Real Estate business. 

    I am currently the Assistant General Manager of Property Development for TEE Land Limited. The broad exposure and experience provided from TEE had nurtured me to what I am today. The dynamic environment and challenges given had also equipped me to move on with confidence and passion.

    Besides the career path created for me, in TEE, we work and share as a TEAM.  TEAM TEE Spirit had also inspired me to run three Marathons and conquer Mount Kinabalu, which I did not believe that I could have done it. TEAM TEE also encourages us to interact with the needy during Corporate Social Responsibility activities, which make our life in TEE more complete.  I am looking forward to more rewarding and fulfilling experiences in the future.

  • Kathy ChiamManager, Human Resources
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    TEE has a diversified business model with ample opportunities for you to advance in your career. Moreover, people here are friendly and brilliant, willing to share their experiences and knowledge with you anytime.

    Being part of the HR team has given me exposure towards building the career of many people. To be able to help forge the talent pool for the company enables me to achieve great insights towards human resources development.

    Part of my job scope allows me to hold company events, creating engagement and bonding sessions among fellow colleagues. Seeing their smiles, laughter, and the fun they have is my greatest joy and pride.

  • Lee Chong TatSenior Project Engineer
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    When I joined TEE 4 years ago as a fresh graduate, I was given on-job training and I realised it is the most effective way to learn the necessary skills and knowledge to complete a construction project.

    I enjoy working at TEE due to the cohesive working environment, where everyone works as a team and helps each other. Everyone is willing to share their knowledge and experience so the same mistake will not be repeated.

    Besides, my bosses are very open minded and supportive. They are willing to listen to feedback and whenever I face bottlenecks in my project planning and execution, additional resources will be made available to me.