Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness

Occupational Safety and Health Awareness

TEE operates within a Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management framework. Under this framework, our wholly-owned subsidiaries, Trans Equatorial Engineering Pte Ltd and PBT Engineering Pte Ltd, have been awarded the OHSAS 18001:2007 certification for our compliance with the high standards of workplace safety and health. TEE was also bestowed the bizSAFE Star award as a recognition for our efforts in improving workplace safety and health through implementing workplace safety practices and conducting health programmes. We also adopt a comprehensive approach in the education and inculcation of the right mindset in safety culture, starting from the top management and extending it down to all levels of our workforce. This way, we seek to motivate more employee involvement and commitment in ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for all.

Environmental Awareness

TEE Group conducts all aspects of our business in a manner that ensures compliance with environmental law. As TEE believes in environmental protection and stewardship, all employees go through environmentally-friendly measures courses and trainings, and are encouraged to put it to good use in their respective departments to foster awareness and responsibility.

Pollution prevention and resource conservation are essential towards sustainable development. TEE has implemented several “green” initiatives from paper recycling, circulating “Go Green” awareness emails to conserving energy and minimising electrical wastage by equipping our office with light sensors.

TEE has also been awarded the Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001: 2004 certification, and we hope to lead other engineering companies in taking up the responsibility to reduce the adverse impact engineering and construction works have on the environment and eco-system.